Headshot Session
Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some mistakes to avoid prior to getting your appointment and during your headshot session so you can have an awesome sitting and end up with the best headshots ever!

Not coming prepared

You have to put in the work for a successful product. This includes having your outfit ready, your hair and makeup done, and arriving on time. Otherwise, you may feel rushed or flustered, and you will likely be unhappy with your headshots. 

Fake smiles

A fake smile can give off an impression of ingenuity and lack of personality. Not sure how to get that perfect, real smile for the camera? Try bringing a friend with you to the session, or playing music that helps you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Tulip Tree Photographers also have a few tricks to help ease the moment for a more natureal smile.


Headshots are about you, not your clothing. Now is not the time for a fashion show, so save your statement pieces for a different time! 


Choosing the wrong setting

Make sure the location of your headshot fits with the image you are trying to create. For example, an indoor headshot makes more sense for a corporate look than an outdoor headshot. Make sure to book the appropriate setting with your Tulip Tree photographer. Or ask them for advice if you aren’t sure.


If you’re doing an indoor headshot – find out if there are any background requirements set forth by your company or group. Black and white backgrounds are easy – Gray, on the other hand, has a million shades available. Bring an example, or email one to your photographer ahead of time if you can!


Meet Our
Happy Clients

My company has used Tulip Tree for all our photo and video needs for more than a year, and have been nothing but impressed by their professionalism, creativity, and flexibility. 

-Megan Noel

“Jacob is an amazing photographer. So professional and talented! Definitely recommend. He made me feel at ease and the head shots he did were perfect.”

-Annie Tandy